Global Networks Educational Services Company offers Nigerian students the choice of top Boarding schools in the United Kingdom: Our core values of providing our students with options that match their ambition and suit their budget have always inspired us to provide more options for our students. Our boarding schools offer our students a very supportive and caring environment that helps them achieve their fullest potential. Please see below a full range of options available or call us on 08033749866.08127461004. You may please also visit us at Global Networks Educational Services: 6 Ajoke Akinbami Close Off Unity Road Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria.

Please complete the applicant information form on the Application Page to request further information


  1. ABBOTS BROMLEY SCHOOL  www.abbotsbromley.net
  2. ADCOTE SCHOOL FOR GIRLS  www.adcoteinternational.com
  3.  TRINITY SCHOOL   www.trinity.co.uk
  4.  ST. DOMINIC’S PRIORY SCHOOL www.stdominicspriory.co.uk
  5.  SAINT MICHAEL’S COLLEGE  www.st-michaels.uk.com
  6.  WOODHOUSE GROVE SCHOOL  www.woodhousegrove.co.uk
  7.  ALEXANDERS COLLEGE  www.alexanderscollege.co.uk
  8.  KINGSLEY SCHOOL  www.kingsleyschoolbideford.co.uk
  9.  HARROGATE LADIES’ COLLEGE  www.hlc.org.uk
  10.  BROCKENHURST COLLEGE  www.brock.ac.uk
  11.  MOORLAND SCHOOL www.moorlandschool.co.uk
  12. OSWESTRY SCHOOL www.oswestryschool.org.uk
  13. WESTBOURNE SCHOOL www.westbourneschool.com
  14. THE PREBENDAL SCHOOL   www.prebendalschool.org.uk
  15. STOVER SCHOOL    www.stover.co.uk
  16. ST. CHRISTOPHER    http://www.stchris.co.uk/
  17. EF ACADEMY  www.ef.com/academy
  18. LONGRIDGE TOWERS SCHOOL  www.its.org.uk
  19. THE ROYAL SCHOOL WOLVERHAMPTON   www.theroyalschool.co.uk
  20. KING WILLIAMS COLLEGE   www.kwc.im
  21. GOWER COLLEGE, SWANSEA   www.gowercollegeswansea.ac.uk
  22. THE READ SCHOOL   www.readschool.co.uk
  23. TETTENHALL COLLEGE   www.tettenhallcollege.co.uk
  24. ASHBOURNE COLLEGE  www.ashbournecollege.co.uk


  1. SEDBERGH PREPARATORY SCHOOL  http://www.sedbergh.org/senior
  2. CASTERTON SEDBERGH PREPARATORY SCHOOL  http://www.sedberghschool.org/junior


  1. EXETER COLLEGE  www.exe-coll.ac.uk
  2. DUDLEY COLLEGE   www.dudleycol.ac.uk

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